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Before and After

The photographs below show actual projects carried out by our experienced team of fitters. We are proud of all the projects we are involved with, and we like to share them with you. More before and after images to follow, please keep checking for updates.

Example:1 Gazco Slimeline Studio

Example:2 Bespoke Lincoln surround with Travertine hearth, mantel and Multi-Stone Chamber.

Example:3 Chatsworth surround with Limestone Chamber.

Example:4 Lauren with Limestone Chamber.

Example:5 Bordeaux with Multi-Stone Chamber.

Example:6 Heworth Limestone.

Example:7 The Block with Riva2 500 fire.

Example:8 Shelbourne Surround, Multi-Stone Chamber & Electric Stove

Example:9 Chatsworth Surround, Dark Shale Chamber & Gas Stove

Example:10 Andorra Surround, Limestone Chamber & Gas Stove

Example:11 Johnstone Surround & Gazco Studio 1 Gas Fire

Example:12 Bespoke Bordeaux, Slate Chamber & Electric Stove

Example:13 Bringham Surround in Pure White, Red Brick Chamber & White Opti-myst Electric Stove

Example:14 Bringham Surround in Limestone & Living Flame Gas Fire

Example:15 Chatsworth Surround in Limestone & Cast Gas Fire

Example:16 The Corbridge Suite in Limestone

Example:17 Lugano Surround in Limestone & Global 55 Gas Fire

Example:18 Marquez Surround in Limestone, Multi-Stone Chamber & Electric Stove

Example:19 The Michigan Suite in White Marble

Example:20 The Porto Suite in Limestone

Example:21 The Stonehenge in Limestone, Dark Shale Chamber & Electric Stove

Example:22 Bespoke Stonehenge in Limestone, Gazco Studio 1 Slimeline

Example:23 Andorra in Limestone, DRU Global 55

Example:24 Chatsworth in Limestone, Electric Cast

Example:25 Heworth in Limestone, Qpti Myst

Example:26 Bringham in Pure White Marble, Living Flame Gas Fire

Example:27 Lugano in Limestone, Gas Stove

Example:28 Regent in Limestone, Electric Stove

Example:29 Shelbourne in Limestone, Electric Stove

Example:30 Chatsworth in Limestone, Gas Cast

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